Office for Service-Learning: Division for Community Interaction

Dr Antoinette Smith-Tolken
Deputy Director : Community Interaction
(Service-Learning and Community-Based Research)

Lückhoff School
Banhoek Road
Office 2006


Tel:   +27 (21) 808 3798
Fax:   +27 (21) 808 2976



B.A. Social Sciences (Social Work) Stellenbosch University,
South Africa
M.Phil Value Analysis and Policy Formulation, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
PhD (Higher Education)a

Field of Expertise:

Project and programme management of human and organizational community development processes on local-, provincial-, and national govermental level.
Research and development of organizational and strategic management processes relating to social responsibility in
large organizations.
Theoretical and conceptual frameworks for the integration of community engagement in the Higher Education curriculum through service-learning.


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Establishment of:
  • A theoretical framework for Service-Learning,
  • Motivation/support of faculties,
  • Facilitation and interdisciplinary cooperation,
  • Support with the development of modules,
  • Identification of existing/potential service-learning sites,
  • Liaison with the Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Department