Community Interaction Management Information

Report: Profiling of Community Interaction activities at Stellenbosch University


This page contains the accumulative results of the 2006 survey of community projects in the University as sanctioned by the Community Interaction Policy.

The rationale for this report, is the dissemination of information to promote coordination and collaboration on campus. The information is structured in such a way that line managers may have access to accumulative information about the community interaction activities in the institution. The Division for Community Interaction takes the responsibility to facilitate the registration of projects.
The dean of each Faculty takes the responsibility for the registration of projects managed by staff in departments within the faculties. Training is available for Faculty Managers to enable them to give guidance to departments. The Division for Community Interaction makes staff available who can assist with the registration process. Please contact the Division in this respect.

Overview, content and context of report:

- The information on this page reflects the data of the survey that was done in 2006.
- Departments from 12 faculties/divisions are active in Community Interaction. In the 2003/4 survey it was 41.
- The database was restructured and no survey of projects were done in 2005.
- Registration of community projects are currently part of the strategic priority of the University. Faculties and Departments whose data are not reflected here, did not submit their registrations.
- Residential activities of students are not included in this survey. Student bodies will conduct their own survey.
- Geographical area: Community interaction activities take place mostly in and around Stellenbosch and the Western Cape, but in some cases it takes place country wide.

A qualitative analysis of recurring themes in community interaction activities will be done after the 2006 survey in this space pertaining to:
Priorities in the South African society
Target groups
Outcomes of interactions
Academic integration
Inter-disciplinary work
Guidelines are available for the completion of the database's questionnaire. Use your Novell username and password
to access the questionnaire.